More Fastener Thoughts for Vegas

Another thought came to me as I was registering for the Fastener Show West.  A lot of companies like to introduce new programs or new product lines at the Vegas show.  That makes sense...a bunch of people all gathered together from all over the country.  But then I thought of some of the announcements from the 2010 show.  I recall that Heads and Threads was introducing a new, expanded line of socket head cap screw products.  Hmmm??  That did not work out like planned.

I am sure that companies are planning their booths and promotions for the 2011 show.  I am curious to see what color the Stelfast monkey will be this year.  I'll be curious to see which booths have the best chocolate which usually becomes my lunch substitute.  Several companies have given away beer at their booths which is a nice treat about mid-afternoon.  I'm trying to figure out how to ship some Old Rusty Bolt out to the show without having the bottles explode.  Anyone have any ideas for me on that, please write back and I'll bring you a bottle.

Some booths at Vegas look the same year after year.  I guess that is not a totally bad thing, but I think some attendees will walk right by the booth without something interesting to draw them in.  Certainly some people will stop to talk to people they work with daily but never get to see much during the year.  Every year, distributors will stop at some booth and ask, "Hey, is Jimmy here?" (Jimmy being the inside sales person that takes care of them every day).  "No, we left him at home to answer phones while our management team gets to meet you even thought they will probably never speak to you again".  Just kidding, to some degree, but I do think it is a good idea to get inside sales people out in front of the customers they work with...even if that means paying for a plane ticket and a room.  But I do realize, there are a lot of fruitful upper management meetings that take place at the show.  Just looking out for the little guy a bit.  Customers DO like to meet the people they talk with every day.

Over the weekend, I had a chance to read Mike McNulty's fine magazine, Fastener Technology International.  Always a good read.  One article that caught my attention was the "Total Cost of Ownership Calculation" by Harry Moser, President and Founder of the Reshoring Initiative.   I have heard Harry interviewed on Fully Threaded Radio so I was kind of familiar with his group and their goal of bringing more manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.  If you want more information on that, their website is  Anyways, one thing I found in the article that I was not aware of is that are involved with (or at least promoting) another show on September 8 called the NTMA/PMA Contract Manufacturing Purchasing Fair.  Maybe this Fair has been going on for a long time and I just missed it but in the article it says the fair is aimed at customers looking to "find competitive USA sources" for products currently being made overseas.  The article states, "We anticipate improving companies' profitability while bringing 'permanent' manufacturing jobs back at a cost of US $1000 each, less than 1% of the cost of one-year Stimulus Program jobs".

Well, good luck with that.  We certainly could use more jobs here.

If you read this today, enjoy the remaining hours of your Holiday Weekend.  If you are reading this on Tuesday....get back to work.  Or look for me on out on the raod because that is where I will be bright and early on Tuesday morning.  Can't let the grass grow under my feet.  Gotta keep moving.


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